Here are five great ways you can improve and maintain your house during the autumn months. And if you are looking to sell, contact me today for a complimentary, no obligation market analysis!


Replace the windows

Temperatures drop as the leaves start to fall. During autumn, you may notice drafts of cold air leaking in through your windows. To save yourself from winter’s chill and a higher heating bill, replace your windows in the fall.

Fertilize the landscape

By adding fertilizer to your trees, shrubs and grass during the fall, you’ll ensure the plants head into the winter months well-nourished. This helps them survive colder temperatures. You should also clear leaves or weeds out of your garden beds before the first frost. A plant covered by weeds may suffocate, preventing perennials from springing up next season.

Repair the roof

Winter aggravates a leaky roof. By performing a roofing repair in the fall, you (or the roofer you hire) will avoid extreme temperatures and prevent further damage from winter’s snow and ice.

Trim the trees

Tree service companies can still perform trimming services in the winter. Sometimes, it’s better for them to work in the winter anyway, because frozen ground makes it easier for their equipment to reach the tree in question.

Paint a room

You can do most interior projects year round, but why not beat the winter blues while tucked away inside? Painting the walls a brighter color can improve symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and break up the dull colors of the dead outdoors. Pick a paint color that perks up your personality when you've got the blahs.