There's more to selling your home than just hiring a realtor to help you with the process. There are many preparations you should make that will help you get the offers you're looking for.

Repair. You may not notice the small things throughout your home that need fixing, like a loose floorboard or sticky cabinets, but potential buyers definitely will. Hardwood flooring is a huge selling point, so if your's need to be refinished or repaires, be sure to get it done. And don't forget about curb appeal! Address any issues with your siding, fences, and landscaping to ensure potential buyers will want to take a peek inside as well.

Neutralize.  It's important for potential buyers to envision themselves and their families in your home. If you have ecclectic taste, it is advised to make it more neutral so that buyers can see the potential of calling it their own. Repaint any vibrant colored walls with a color that is more neutral, like tans and whites. This will make everything look fresh and new, and help prospective buyers see themselves living there.

Stage. Often times sellers don't realize how important staging truly is. Even the smallest touches can help bring out all of the possibilities in each room of your home, and help that potential buyer envision what it could be like when they live there. Try adding fresh flowers to your dining room table, put away any big and bulky kitchen equipment (toasters, mixers, etc.), or add some decorative pillows to your couch.