With autumn in full swing and winter not far behind, it can be easy to start to feel cluttered in your own home. Here are 5 free ways to make any room in your home feel more spacious and look better.

1. Improve your home's traffic flow

How you and guests are able to move throughout your space has a huge impact on how spacious your home feels. Take a few minutes to evaluate the flow of traffic throughout your home by going from room to room and in each room. The movement should make sense (like you shouldn't have to walk all the way around a room to get to the next), flow smoothly (you shouldn't have to stumble over things in the way), and have a nice wide (not having to squeeze past a table and feel like you're about to knock something over) feel to the path that takes you through rooms and from each room to the next. Adjustments to your home's flow could be as dramatic as a full room rearrangement to moving furniture a few inches to even just decluttering entryway wall hooks.


2. Rearrange with the goal to visually lighten & balance

The idea is to move any "heaviness" away from each room's entry and/or spread the weight equally throughout the room. Replace a heavy piece of furniture, that might be the first thing you see when you enter a room, with something more visually light or low. Dispersing the weight equally and balancing heavy furniture with equally dominant and eye-catching design elements will keep your eye moving throughout a room. 


3. Clear counters and floor space by storing non-daily items

The clutter you keep on your counters and in full view should be the things you access daily. If you only use your KitchenAid mixer once a month, it's not a big deal to store it in a cabinet and and put it back when you're done.

This idea also applies to toiletries you don't use every day or even to bigger items like extra seating. Yes, storage may be tight, but don't be afraid to get creative!

Declutter your current storage and maximize shelving for more room. Tuck or nest small furniture pieces under larger ones. Even consider hanging items on hooks (won't be hiding it, but will get items off of your floor and possibly help feel more spacious — Alana's Brooklyn Railroad has a great example).


4. Take off dramatic, bulky window coverings 

If not done properly, this trick could leave a space feeling too bare. But, if you've got window coverings on a window that you don't need for privacy, see if the space could benefit from a window covering decluttering. Depending on your type of window, if you take off window coverings altogether, it could give the space a more architectural feel, and it'll certainly let more natural light in. But if you need some window covering, consider streamlining them so they don't take over a room; shorten long flowing curtains so they don't pool on the floor or try tying drapes back tightly.


5. Clean those forgotten spots
Yes a good house cleaning in particular is of course a great way to make a home feel better for free, but don't forget about those forgotten spots! They'll let more light in (aiding to spaciousness) and just make a space feel better.