Are you considering buying a home in the near future but feel like it's practically impossible? 

We know what you're thinking -- "I can't afford a house! It'll take me years to save up enough money for a 20% down payment!"

This is totally understandable, which is why we found 3 great lifestyle hacks for you to consider:

1. Food

According to a CNBC article, Millennials dine out 13 times a month, but we spend only about $100 at restaurants in that timeframe. Instead of dining out so much, try planning your meals and eating leftovers when you can. 

If you skip the fast food just three times a month, you can save yourself $23. After a year, you’ve saved $276 (and your health!)


2. Coffee

According to the same CNBC article, the average American typically spends $67 per month on coffee. 

So skip the Starbucks, and make your coffee at home. You can save a lot of money this way -- Over 12 months, you'll save about $156.


3. Entertainment

An informative article from CNN Money talks about the way Millennials handle their monthly budget. Of course there are things that can't be cut, such as rent and education expenses.

Millennials reportedly spend $202 a month on entertainment. That's everything from concerts to cable television service. Consider cancelling your cable or downgrading to basic cable and you'll save a lot of money. There's always Netflix and that's only $8 a month!


So far, we’ve talked about saving by cutting back, but you can move things forward even faster if you actively set aside $50 each per month. You can put aside an extra $1,200 per year that way.

A great app that can help you do this is called Qapital. You choose your Goals, set up Rules to trigger deposits into your Qapital account. It's FDIC-insured and powered by industry-leading security. Once you've reached your goal, you can then transfer your savings from your Qapital account right into your savings account. 

Many banks have a "save the change" program. For example, if you spend 15.50 on gas, it will round up to $16, and put the $.50 into your savings account. Believe or not, these add up fast!

Happy saving, and be sure to call us when you're ready to start looking for your dream home!